Jesus Heals Everyone

June 9, 2019


This series is an of our study on parenting and discipleship.

Spiritual parenting and discipleship are a to a focus on the original decree: be fruitful and .

In sum, God wants, lots of them.

One of the things that distinguishes other creatures is how much baby humans require compared to other .

While most baby mammals become in a relatively short period of time, it takes to

This accentuates the need of .

God designed humans in such a way that sustained care from theirmothers and fathers is.

This is no less true about parenting.

Natural parenting is spiritual parenting. A natural parent’s spiritual children just happen to be biologically assigned to them.

In the end, spiritual parenting is really what matters because the bond between a natural child and parent is only . The relationship between a spiritual parent and child is . (John 8:43-44)

Satan children. This is why we must be born again (John 3:3).

This is also why people without children are still responsible for parenting and why the natural and spiritual unit, as prescribed by Scripture, is vital.

The essential necessary to thrive in life natural and spiritually are given to us by our natural and spiritual parents.

This is why we’ve been emphatically addressing patterns of human behavior that exceed the scope of God’s boundaries for activity.

God created these holy to preserve human flourishing and to extend his to his offspring.

Jesus’ account of marriage in Matthew rules out , marriage, adultery and as things that God originally from the beginning.

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