Celebrating God’s Help

February 21, 2021

Celebrating God’s Help

Psalm 124:1-5
Pastor Terry Wilcox

Psalm 120 is about .
Psalm 121 is about .
Psalm 122 is about people discovering the joy of .
Psalm 123 is about the we enjoy as God’s servants.
Psalm 124 is affirmation that  the believer.

Let’s look at Psalm 124:1-5

  1. These pilgrims believed that they  have survived had God not helped them. 
    Psalm 124:3

  2. The second word picture is a flood. 
    Psalm 124:4-5 – This speaks of sudden .

    This Psalm lifts our eyes beyond the skepticism of our times.
    Never hesitate to put the scripture under the searchlight of your !

    The Psalms have remained popular for 3,000 years not because they are great poetry appealing to our wishes and dreams, but because they have been authenticated by people in the crucible of life.

    Isaiah 55:8-9 
    Job 11:7  
    Deuteronomy 29:29

  3. The backdrop of this Psalm is the difficulties of life, but the subject is:  .

    Faith develops out of the most  of our lives. 

    Believers sing words of  in the midst of a hellish world.  They sing songs of  in a world filled with defeat.

    We live lives of  among people who do not understand us nor encourage us.

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