Learning From Jesus’ Celebration

March 28, 2021

Learning From Jesus’ Celebration

Matthew 21:1-11
Pastor Terry Wilcox

This was the only time in His ministry that Jesus actually  and  a public demonstration. 

Scripture Indicates Jesus:

  1. Acted  and with evident .
  2. Acted with .
  3. Acted with .

Two Reasons For This Demonstration

  1. He was  the Word and  the prophecy in Zechariah 9:9.
  2. The second reason for this big entry was that it the Jewish leaders to act.  John 12:19
    “Hosanna” means  .

Let’s look at the four groups in Jerusalem
and see what we learn from them and Jesus’ big entry.

  1. First Group – The . I think they were .
  2. Second Group – The “At first his disciples did not all of this.”  John 12:16
    Disciples are .
  3. Third Group were those who were with Him when He called  back. 
    John 12:17-18
  4. Fourth Group is the largest of the remaining chapter, the 
    John 12:12-46

What Does God Want In His House?

  1.   1 Timothy 2:1
  2. He wants people being 
    Matthew 21:14
  3. There should be  in God’s house. 
  4. There should be there. 
    Matthew 21:15-16

The message of the cursed fig tree ties into this – It symbolized the nation of Israel – They had a  of religion but no  experience of 

God expects to produce  in the lives of His people. 

What are you doing with Jesus?

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