When the Vision Appears to Die

September 12, 2021

When the Vision Appears to Die
Three Stories & Three Lessons

Pastor Terry Wilcox

Three Stories About Vision

  1. God gives Abram a radical vision
    Genesis 12:1-4

    900 people awarded Nobel Prize
     · 22% to people
     · .2% of population

    Abram at 100 years of age fathered a son by Sarah

  2. God gave Joseph a vision
    Genesis 37:5-11

    It appears to die – Genesis 37:28, 36
    Flounders, but hopeful – Genesis 39:1-4
    A glimmer of hope – Genesis 38:20-21

    Then we see the fulfillment: Joseph as Prime Minister

  3. Death of Lazarus in John 11
    John 11:12
    Isaiah 55:8-9

Three Lessons About Vision

  1. Compromise is the result of relying on .
    a. God’s goal is our .
        Galatians 5:22-23
    b. Satan tempts us to develop God’s vision:
         · with our .
          · settle for rather than transformation.

    We think God’s best is something we , God says it is what we .

  2. Never try to box God in with the  or .
    Patience = willingness to face a problem without giving God a  to solve it.
  3. Surrender expectations and focus hope
    Romans 15:13

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