Jotham, A Good King of Judah

June 19, 2022

“Jotham, A Good King of Judah”
Pastor Terry Wilcox

II Chronicles 27:1-9

A leader from days gone by, also a man with much in common with men today.

  1. Jotham
    1. He was a man of great ability.
    2. Both able and energetic.
    3. Concerned for the interests of the people.
        He saw the Temple as an asset to the community.
    4. Man of good character. II Chronicles 27:2 & 6
  2. Only one criticism. II Chronicles 27:2
  3. Why didn’t he?
    1. Habit?
    2. Felt no need? II Chronicles 27:4-5
        Voltaire (Francois-Marie Arouet) 1694-1778, famous for intellect, philosopher, French
        Enlightenment, and anti-Christianity, said in 100 years the Bible would be a forgotten book
        and found only in museums. One hundred years later the Geneva Bible society…
    3. Maybe he held prejudice against Temple because of his father.
    4. Perhaps he didn’t realize the positive outcomes.
  4. His outcome. II Chronicles 27:9
    1. He finished well.
    2. The people contributed his good works to his good character, not God.
        It sounds like dead spiritually, bankrupt.
    3. The “church” survives.
    Joshua 24:15


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