How to Get Happy

July 10, 2022

“How to Get Happy”
Pastor Terry Wilcox

Philippians 1:1-11

Philippians was a letter written by and it is about .

Paul  the church in Philippi about years before.
He’s writing from 

  1. Happiness begins when you become  .
    Philippians 1:1
         a.  do you do it for and ?
         b. “To the saints” – three words describe being a saint
  2. The  that is ours is spelled out in Philippians 1:1-2
         a. A new  in relation to God, forgiven and accepted
         b. A new  – II Corinthians 5:17
         c. A new  – John 1:12
  3. Happiness is the  of Philippians 1:6.
    This promise is the remedy for two traps Christians must avoid:
         a. Salvation is all we need.
         b. Despondency.
  4. Happy because we are . Philippians 1:7
    Are we  for and  each other?
    Paul in prison – soon to be executed – remembering – his partners – His Promise – His privilege – His Lord Jesus Christ (his servant) = He is  .

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