Use It or Lose It

February 19, 2023

Pastor Terry Wilcox

Matthew 25:14-30

Talents = copper, silver, gold, abilities, or .

Main issue of this text is .

  1. All we have is a from . – Matthew 25:14-15
    Ashamed or boastful indicates the same .
    Proverbs 22:4
    Matthew 18:4
  2. Fulfillment is related to how we   rather than   we have. – Matthew 25:21 & 23
    These three men fit into two groups – or unfaithful.
  3. If we don’t use our opportunities, they will be  .
    Built into sin is .
    Built into neglect is .
  4. God rewards .
    Psalm 31:23
  5. The sin is not in failing, but in 
  6. At the heart of confusion about God’s expectations of us is a of the Father.
    God is  us! Not  us!
  7. Opportunities are often  to what God wants .
    I Corinthians 1:26-29.
    Faithful = 


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