Wouldn’t You Rather Be a Bear?

May 7, 2023

Wouldn’t You Rather Be a Bear?
Pastor Terry Wilcox

Psalm 23:1-6

Seeing the Lord as my shepherd positions me as a sheep. Bears are  and more able to take   themselves.

Are independence and self-reliance a   or a ?

The Bible refers to “sheep”  times.
Sheep information:

Psalm 23:1 “The LORD” = Jehovah, JAH, JAVEH.
To the Jew and Christian, Jehovah is the self-, ever-present, eternal 

Jesus the Shepherd Has Three Titles in the New Testament

  1. The  Shepherd.
    John 10:7-11
  2. The  Shepherd.
    Hebrews 13:20-21
    In the Middle East, most of the water comes from springs.
    Revelation 21:6-7
  3. The  Shepherd.
    I Peter 5:14
    The number one predator of sheep is the . The  of the shepherd keeps them at bay.
    Revelation 5:8

So What? David Lived 3,000 Years Ago

  1. We are still .
  2. Our core challenges confront every .
  3. Our Shepherd, Jesus, responds to our .
    Hebrews 13:8

I Am the 23rd Psalm

If this Psalm could write its autobiography and would not be considered too conceited or egotistical for rehearsing its blessings to mankind, we might read many thrilling statements such as these:

   “I am as new and as fresh as if I had been written just yesterday; my hoary age of three thousand years has not changed my youthful appearance, nor diminished my vitality and exuberance of youth.

   I have penetrated through the thick layers of professionalism, superficiality and intellectualism into the very depths of millions of hearts.

   In fact, I work around the clock; not a minute passes without someone–some weary way-worn traveler on life’s dusty highway-knocking on my portals seeking help.

   I have been memorized by multiplied millions.

   I have been repeated over and over again by darling little children at their mothers’ knees.

   I have been the guiding star for innumerable youth.

   I have added stability to adulthood and comfort to old age.

   I have furnished the theme and background for countless sermons.

   I have given my literary gems to scholars who have expanded their choicest learning in producing the pages of wholesome literature.

   I have been lifted up into the heavens as the many-voiced choirs have sung their anthems of praise to their Saviour and Lord.

   I have connected man’s hearts and minds to the eternal God of the universe.

   I have cradled the babe with my sweet lullabies.

   I have led unerringly the uncertain steps of youth with my counsel.

   I have given protection with my rod and staff to noble manhood.

   I have accompanied old age through the valley of the shadow of death.

   I have brightened the homes of poverty and destitution.

   I have calmed the raging storms within the human breast.

   I have broken the galling fetters of the slave.

   I have visited the prisoner in his dungeon and made the stones in his cell  wall to sparkle like diamonds in the crown royal.

   I have taken the heat out of the fevered brow, the pain out of parting and the sting out of death.

   I have poured healing balm into the ears and hearts of the sick.

   I have stood as an angel of light and mercy by the bed of sickness.

   I have smiled the warmth of love and compassion into the glassy eyes of the dying soldier on the field of battle.

   I have whispered hope to the hopeless, comfort to the sorrowing, peace to the storm tossed, joy to the downcast, rest to the weary, courage to the disappointed and salvation to the fallen.

   I have charmed more troubled hearts to rest than all the philosophies of the world.

   I have chased to their dark dungeons of despair more evil thoughts, more black-winged doubts and more devastating sorrows than there are sands by the seashore.

   I have wiped more tears from weeping eyes than there are stars in the heavens.

   I have pillowed the aching head, kissed away the fear of death, pushed back the black curtain of separation, unbarred the door on the far side of the grave, and accompanied the child of God across the great divide to the shores of sweet deliverance.

   What I have done in the yesterdays and am doing today, I will do in the tomorrows. I will continue to sing to your children and to your children’s children throughout all the generations to come. I will never cease my task, nor stay my hand of blessing, nor fold my wings until the last saint has been escorted safely to that better land and time shall be no more. Then and only then shall I take my flight back to the bosom of God from whence I came; there I shall mingle my soft melodies with the celestial joys which will make heaven reverberate with music, song and praise while the ceaseless cycles of eternity roll on and on and on.”    -Robert H. Heckart

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