Who Are You Having Dinner With?

May 21, 2023

Who Are You Having Dinner With?
Pastor Terry Wilcox

Psalm 23:1-6

“The Hebrew Bible is the most influential book in history and constitutes the bedrock of western civilization.”  -Alfred Moses, US lawyer and former ambassador. $38.1m

Sheep won’t lay down if:

  1. They are afraid.
  2. If there is tension or friction.
  3. Sheep won’t lay down when they are hungry or thirsty.

Note Psalm 23:5
The metaphor changes from God as our shepherd to God as our dinner host.
Imagine the quality of the dinner – now, look around you!

Exodus 25:23-24

Exodus 25:29-30

Luke 13:29

John 10:11

This is a table in the middle of the conflict.

Faith most often must say, “even though, I will.
   Psalm 23:4

The truly amazing thing about this meal is our host!

”Even though faith” focuses on God.
”Even though faith” focuses on God’s promises.

I Timothy 1:17

Romans 11:33-36

Through Jesus, God has sent an invitation to everyone!

What is your RSVP?

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