Change Is Necessary

February 18, 2024

Change Is Necessary
I Samuel 2:12, 17, 22-25
Pastor Terry Wilcox

The leaders of Israel would not change; therefore, God changed the leaders.
The people would not change; therefore, the story of chapters 4-6.

Observations from I Samuel 4

  1. Philistines attacked because of Israel’s apostasy.
  2. Israelites knew they needed God. I Samuel 4:3
  3. Doing the right thing with the wrong people doesn’t solve the problem.
  4. Winning requires more than shouting.

How Can We Change?

  1. Let God in.
    Philippians 2:13
    John 16:7
  2. Knowing the Word of God.
    Psalm 19:7
    Keep in mind, God and His Word work in harmony.
    Romans 15:4
    A few sentences later Paul asks God to change us.
    Romans 15:13
  3. Wise people change us.
    Proverbs 13:20
    I Corinthians 15:33
  4. Struggle and suffering change us.
    Hebrews 5:7-9
    James 1:2-4
    James 1:12
    I Peter 1:3-7
  5. You change you.
    In his first letter to the Thessalonian Christians, Paul commends their faith and in verse 9 says, “They tell how you turned to God from idols to serve the living and true God.”
    The verbs “turned and served” are continuous.
    The paradox is that we are 100% responsible and 100% dependent.

    Without change, we will perish.

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