Law Givers and Grace Givers

March 3, 2024

Law Givers and Grace Givers
John 8:1-11
Rev. J. R. Hutchinson


We have two representatives and one sinner.
The representatives are and .
The sinner happens to be a supposedly caught in .

As then, so today in the church world we have and .

Biblical Clarity

Romans 3:20 – No no is justified by the law.
Romans 8:3 – The could not take away sin.
John 1:14 – is full of and .
Ephesians 2:8 – who are saved are saved by .

The Contrast

Law Givers VS Grace Givers
John 3:17 – Jesus came not to but to .
John 10:10 – Jesus came to give .

Jesus the Advocate

The Rebuttal – John 8:7 – can cast the first stone?
The Inscription – did Jesus write in the ground?
   Romans 3:10 – There is righteous, no not one.
   Romans 3:23 – have sinned and come .


John 8:10 – Restoration is .
John 8:11 – Restoration is .
  Restoration is .

The Struggle between the and .

The Provision of Grace , , .

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