Why Keep Keeping On?

March 10, 2024

Why Keep Keeping On?
Acts 20:17-25
Pastor Terry Wilcox

We are all getting older and many of us are confronted with the health issues of aging.

Paul was on his third mission and was going to Jerusalem

  1. Paul wanted to go to Jerusalem.
    a. The passion of his heart was the message of saved   through   .
    b. He had companions and  for the people.
  2. Since his , Jerusalem had been  to him.
    a. On his first trip after conversion they  him.
    b. Second time was to settle the issue of .
    c. Next he confronted Peter for slipping toward .
    d. Yet he the Jewish people.
  3. He had been warned by others   .
    a. Were they to stop him or  him?
    b. Agabus’ warning caused Paul to clarify his purpose.
  4. Paul had a strong .
    a. Strengths can be a  and a .
    b. Without his  we probably would not know his name.
  5. Why did he stay his course?
    a. He counted his more valuable than   – Acts 20:22-24
    b. We may not be at risk of martyrdom, however.
    c. He was living in the light of  – Acts20:25
        II Timothy 4:6-8

George Washington Carver, like each of us, had to find  .

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