Two Views of Stewardship

February 13, 2022

John 12:1-11

Pastor Terry Wilcox


  1. John 12:2-3 – Martha, Mary, and Lazarus =  
  2. John 12:4 – Judas and other disciples =
  3. John 12:9 – Large group of Jews = 
  4. John 12:10 – Priests = carnal and Matthew 26:13
    Luke 10:39
    Luke 10:41-42

  1. In Mary we see a  servant treasuring time with Jesus while  rather than 
  2. Looking at Judas we see a  attitude and a  excuse
    John 12:4-6
    A person’s depends on what is  them
  3. In John 12:3 we see the  of Mary
    Our actions reveal our 
    John 13:8
  4. A look at Judas reveals his John 12:4 – “Judas objected”
    We make a strategic error not realizing Satan also attacks our
    Privilege and position are not a substitute for faith and obedience


  1. John 12:7-8
    Seize the opportunity
  2. John 12:5
    When we give to God – others are blessed


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