A Man With a Message From Hell

October 23, 2022

A Man With a Message From Hell
Pastor Jon Betz

Luke 16:19-31

The Rich Man

  • He lived and he died.
    Hebrews 9:27
  • He lived on in a place of torment.  =  Hades  (one of 3 Greek words used)
  • He had had spiritual knowledge before his death.
    “Father Abraham”     “they will Repent”
  • He could remember.
  • He became concerned about others (after it was too late).


Questions about Hell

  • What Is it?
    • A Place of Divine Judgement.
      Matthew 25:41
      Galatians 6:7-8
    • A Place of Eternal Destiny.
      Devil & his angels

  • What will it be like there?
    • It will be a Lonely place.
    • It will be a God Forsaken place.
      2 Thessalonians 1:9
    • It will be a Lake of Fire.
      Revelation 20:15
    • It will be a place of Outer Darkness.
      Matthew 8:12
    • It will a place of Weeping and Gnashing of teeth.
      Matthew 22:13
    • It will be a place of Tormenting Conscience forever.
  • Who will be there?
    • The Devil.
    • His Angels.
    • Those who refused God’s Call.
      Matthew 25:41
    • Those who walked over the Blood of Christ.
    • Those who would not obey the Holy Spirit.
    • Those who just put it off.
      Message by Robert Jeffress. “Why God sends Good Men to Hell”
    • Those who love the World & Pleasures more than God.
      Demas (2 Timothy 4:10)
      2 Timothy 3:4-5 
    • Those who do not Know Jesus as Savior and Lord.
      Matthew 7:21-23
      Revelation 3:16-22

  • How far away is it?
    • The Rich Man didn’t know.
      Luke 12:16-20 “. . .this night thy soul shall be required . . .”
    • Judas
      Acts 1:25 – “. . .his own place”
    • Amos 4:12 – “. . .  prepare to meet thy God, O Israel.”

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