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Knowing When God Speaks
Archived – October 8, 2023

Knowing When God Speaks

October 8, 2023

Knowing When God Speaks
I Samuel 30:1-8
Pastor Terry Wilcox

  1. Abithar the priest – I Samuel 30:7
    He escaped Saul and Doeg’s massacre at Nob.
    Traveled with David and was his friend.
  2. The ephod
    Elaborate or simple, it was standard for priests.
    David embarrassed his wife, Michal, by publicly wearing an ephod.
    Symbol of humility. – James 4:6

Knowing When He Speaks to Me:
Two Greek Words For “Word”

  1. Logos is used 330 times in the New Testament.
    John 1:1
    It means a concept, a reason, a logic. It is related to that which is timeless.
  2. Rhema is used 70 times in the New Testament.
    Matthew 4:4
    Romans 10:17
    It is a living, spoken word. It is specific to time and place.
    Used in Matthew 14 account of Jesus and Peter walking on water.
    Matthew 14:28-29

Two Greek Words For “Time”

  1. Chronos is time on the move, used 53 times in the New Testament.
    Matthew 2:7
    From chronos we get chronological.
  2. Kairos speaks to specific, God-ordained times.
    Romans 5:6
    Matthew 1:14-15
    I Samuel 30:7-8
    This was a rhema, a specific word at a kairos time, specific and critical.
    Throughout history this combination precedes miracles.
    I Corinthians 2:14
    John 4:24

Two Cautions

  1. Be patient.
    Luke 2:26-27
  2. Pray for and practice discernment.

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