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Worse Than Me?
Archived – February 11, 2024

Worse Than Me?

February 11, 2024

Worse Than Me?
I Timothy 1:12-20
Rev Karl Moore

  1. Introduction
    A. I Timothy 1:12-20
    B. The two best teams play tonight
    C. May dispute in to your team!
    D. Today three areas of comparison we have with the Apostle Paul.
  2. Enter into life as . – I Timothy 1:13
    A. Nasty  – blasphemer
    B. Nasty  – persecutor
    C. Nasty  – violent
  3. Encounter the risen  – I Timothy 1:15-16
    A. New B. NewC. New 
  4. Encourage other  – I Timothy 1:3-4; 18-19
    A. New 
    B. New C. Necessary Matthew 28:19-20
  5. Conclusion
    A. Who is the worst sinner?
    B. More importantly, who is more encouraging.
    C. Let’s remember – we all enter life as sinners, we can all encounter the risen Savior, and we all can encourage other servants.

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