Judgement and Restoration

May 19, 2024

Judgement and Restoration?
John 8:1-11
Pastor Terry Wilcox

Background: All Jewish men were to be in Jerusalem for Passover; Pharisees were determined to hang on to their power; Jesus was a threat.

Why Jesus came: John 3:17; I Peter 2:24

The Story

  1. John 8:2 – The people     Jesus.
  2. John 8:3 – Legalists tend to be . Where is the .
  3. John 8:6 – This was a trap using the  of Moses and the  of Rome.
  4. John 8:6 – What Jesus wrote in the dirt =  We .
  5. John 8:7 – “Without sin” is from the Greek word anamartetos which also means, “without a sinful .”
  6. John 8:9 – The more experienced realized their trap  . Jesus, the woman, and the  .
  7. John 8:11 – Two types of judgment:
    I. Condemnation
  8. John 8:11 –  makes restoration possible.
    James 2:12-13
    Grace does not  sin; it is the .

The church is not called to condemn people, but to create an atmosphere where the grace of God can do the work of .

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