Consider the Uniqueness of Jesus

March 31, 2024

Consider the Uniqueness of Jesus
Luke 24:13-32
Pastor Terry Wilcox

Unique means one and , without .
A.D. = Latin Anno Domini = in the  of our Lord.
B.C. = before Christ.

Why is Jesus like no other?

  1. He is God’s .
    I John 4:9; I John 5:18
    No other religion makes the bold claim that God took on  .
    John 1:14; Philippians 2:5
  2. Jesus is unique because He didn’t  .
    Consider the cost to those who said He’s alive.
  3. Jesus is like no other because people  when they know Him.
    Know as by  or .
    A. The resurrected Jesus changes . Luke 24:17
        (No Jesus, no peace; know Jesus, know peace.)
    B. The resurrected Jesus changes your understanding of .
        There are  Old Testament prophecies fulfilled by Jesus.
        Two tests of conspiracy: (1) Number of those lying.
                                                      (2) Do they profit by the lie?
    C. The resurrected Jesus changes our .
         Luke 24:37-40
         People not likely to walk seven miles in the dark without strong .

What is your view of Jesus?

Know Him from history? Skeptical? Or know Him by .


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