Taming the Emotional Rollercoaster

July 14, 2024   /   Restoration Fellowship Church of Lakeland

Taming the Emotional Rollercoaster
Judges 6:1-10  |  Pastor Terry Wilcox

Context: Judges 6:1-10
This is major, considering Exodus 20:2-4

Everyone experiences fear.
Judges 6:14
Does it make a difference if God is  ?

  1. God makes a promise. – Judges 6:16
    Gideon responds with . – Judges 6:18-21
  2. God makes Gideon a second promise. – Judges 6:23
    (This sounds like Jesus to Martha in John 11:21-26)
    Gideon responds with . – Judges 6:24-26
  3. Gideon’s “rollercoaster” takes a dip. – Judges 6:27
  4. Gideon follows God’s plan, is victorious, and Israel enjoys 40 years of peace. – Judges 8:28

    Gideon’s success came when he:
    a. accepted God’s
    b. destroyed the 
    c. purged his army of  
    d. adopted God’s planHowever, the rollercoaster continued. – Judges 8:33-34

    The emotional rollercoaster is tamed by trusting Jesus and following his plan.

One of Satan’s insidious lies that creates needless fear regards the assurance of salvation.
A threefold confirmation:

  1. The trustworthy Word
  2. The confirming Holy Spirit
  3. The changed life
    I John 5:10-13

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