Who We Pray For and Why

July 11, 2021   /   Restoration Fellowship Church of Lakeland

Who We Pray For and Why
Exodus 17:8-16

Pastor Terry Wilcox

When asked, “What is more important: Prayer or Reading the Bible?”
I ask, “What is more important: Breathing in or Breathing out?”
– Charles Spurgeon


  1.  Moses needed and Joshua needed . Exodus 17:9-10
         Moses needed Aaron and Hur, and the soldiers needed Joshua.
         Exodus 17:15 – They all needed God.
  2.  Five reasons to pray for leaders
         1. Their responsibility and accountability.
             James 3:1 
         2. They are targets of Satan’s temptations.
         3. They are often  of spiritual forces.
         4. They have .
         5. They have higher .


        Job 42:8
        2 Kings 6:17
        Colossians 1:9-12

  1. Prayer is a battleground
    In Ephesians 6:10-12, Paul instructs us to put on the armor of God, then says in Ephesians 6:18.
  2. We are  to one another
    Galatians 6:2
    Aaron and Hurr show us this.


  1. “God can as little do us, as we  Him.” – Meiter Eckhart
    God works with people to accomplish His plans.
  2. Pray  rather than .
    Acts 12 contains the story of Peter being jailed by King Herod.
    Acts 12:13-17


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