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An Overcoming Faith
April 25, 2021

An Overcoming Faith

April 25, 2021

An Overcoming Faith

Hebrews 11:24-27
Pastor Charles Kirby

In the Scripture before us today, Moses is going to teach us how to be an exciting Christian
rather than a doubting Christian. 


  1. THE MOSES REFUSED – Hebrews 11:24
    1. The Worldly
      The most important thing is to find out what God wants you to do.
    2. The Worldly – Hebrews 11:25
      You can eat the Devil’s corn but he will choke you to death on the cob.
      Sin is but for a season. – Psalm 16:11
    3. The Worldly – Hebrews 11:26
      Add up everything money cannot buy and that death cannot take away, and you will know how rich you are. 
  2. THE MOSES RECEIVED – Hebrews 11:26a
    • A real disciple of Jesus Christ will always be .
      2 Timothy 3:12
      Philippians 1:29
    • True Christians who to be a part of the system of this world are going to have reproach.
  3. THE MOSES RESPECTED – Hebrews 11:26c
    • He decided that the of the future were greater than the of the present.

      He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.”  -Jim Elliot

      Faith refuses to sacrifice the upon the altar of the

Conclusion:  If you are having trouble leaving the things of this world,
it is because you have never seen the glories of Christ!

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