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Some Things We Won’t Know For Awhile
April 5, 2020
Main Scripture Reference(s)
John 12:

Some Things We Won’t Know For Awhile

April 5, 2020 / John 12:

John 12:12-16

Even though we don’t yet know,
we can have peace.

John 6:53-60, 66

They called this a “hard teaching.” Why?

John 15:5, 9

Jesus’ message was consistent in both metaphors:

  1. John 15: He is like a vine, providing life to the branches.
  2. John 6: His body is the bread of . His blood is life itself flowing through us.

In Eastern culture, bread was called the .

John 6:51

Don’t confuse Christianity to mean imitating Christ.

  • It’s not imitation, it’s .
  • It’s not following rules, it’s embracing the of Christ.
  • It’s not doing for Christ, it’s doing Christ.

John 6:59-60

Why? The same two reasons have divided people
for 2,000 years:

  1. The would not accept the . They choked on v.33 (John 6:33)
    1. John 6:35
    2. John 6:38
    3. John 6:40
    4. John 6:41

John 1:1, 14

2. It meant a life of and to the of God.

Christianity is more than imitating Christ,
it is with Christ living in us.




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