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What Is Your Number One Priority?
January 22, 2023

What Is Your Number One Priority?

January 22, 2023

What Is Your Number One Priority?
Pastor Terry Wilcox

John 21:15-17; 21-22

The restoration of Peter required heart surgery.

John 21:21 – “more than these?”
, boats, , home? Perhaps, do you love me more than  ?
The context is chapters 18-21.

Matthew 26:33

The Triple By-Pass

  1. John 21:15 – Jesus used the Greek word “agape”
    He cuts through the  of others.
    In Peter’s reply, Peter used the Greek word “philia.”
    It’s used in I Corinthians 16:22. “If anyone does not love the Lord, let that person be cursed.”
    “Philia” means  .

    Jesus’ response, “Feed my lambs.”

  2. John 21:16 – Jesus clarifies, I am not asking if you have brotherly affection for me, I’m asking for your .  “Agape” is  love.

    Jesus’ response, “Take care of my sheep.”

  3. John 21:17 – Amazingly, Jesus asks a third time, only he uses “philia.
    “Do you have a friendship love for me”
    John 21:17 says this third cut into Peter’s heart “hurt.”
    Jesus’ response, “Feed my sheep.”
    Peter’s honesty results in Jesus restoring Peter
    John 21:19b, “Then he said to him, ‘follow me.'”

    Priority one (before serving) is  .
    Deuteronomy 6:4-5

    Jesus proclaimed the same priority in Matthew 22:37-39.

    Jesus used three direct questions, Peter made three declarations.
    Jesus gave him three commands, and Peter was .

    All measurements of ministry success are subservient to  .

    Believing loving God is priority liberates from:
    a. The tyranny of statistics.
    b. Comparison with .
    c. Other things.
    d. The of exclusivity.

How Do We Get There?

  1. Be ruthlessly  with yourself and God.
  2. Word and .
    Faithfulness is not . See Luke 15:28-31
  3. Cultivate heart  with the Spirit of Jesus.

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