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Why I Tithe
November 22, 2020

Why I Tithe

November 22, 2020

Why I Tithe

Malachi 3:6-12

Pastor Terry Wilcox

  1. Because it’s a  of God’s Word
    Genesis 14:20
    Luke 11:42
  2. Because of the promised 
    Malachi 3:10
  3. Because of my  influence
    II Samuel 24:24
  4. Because the bank  pays the best dividends
    II Corinthians 9:6
    Philippians 4:19
  5. Because it’s so 


But the main reason I tithe:

Because Jesus Christ is my Lord.

Romans 14:7-8
Psalm 24:1
I Corinthians 6:19-20

Tithing is one way I say to God, to you, and to myself, Jesus Christ .


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