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Is Christianity the Harder or Easier Way?
Preached: April 11, 2021

Is Christianity the Harder or Easier Way? Psalm 128 Pastor Terry Wilcox “A song of ascents” NIV “A song of the stairway” TPT “Pilgrim songs” Beacon Commentary Psalm 128:1-6 Blessed means wellness, wholeness, sense of completing God’s purpose.  Here it is the plural denoting a sense of fullness. The …

Resurrection Power and You
Preached: April 4, 2021

Resurrection Power and You Matthew 28:1-10 Romans 8:11 Pastor Terry Wilcox The Resurrection of Jesus is the bedrock of Christianity! It appears to me that the spirits of fear and defeat are thriving today.  Both in the hearts and minds of individuals and in the psyche of our nation. Judges 7:2-3 The …

Learning From Jesus’ Celebration
Preached: March 28, 2021

Learning From Jesus’ Celebration Matthew 21:1-11 Pastor Terry Wilcox This was the only time in His ministry that Jesus actually planned and promoted a public demonstration.  Scripture Indicates Jesus: Acted deliberately and with evident intention. Acted with knowledge. Acted with authority. Two Reas …