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What We Learn From Angels
Preached: August 1, 2021

What We Learn From Angels Revelation 1:3 Pastor Terry Wilcox Angels are not our personal servants or lucky leprechauns.   LAST WEEK WE LEARNED: (Revelation 5:1-14) Angels deliver God’s messages. Angels protect God’s people. Angels direct worship. Angels collect our prayers. TODAY: Angels are wo …

What Do Angels Do?
Preached: July 25, 2021

What Do Angels Do? Revelation 5:1-14 Pastor Terry Wilcox A Gallup poll reported more than half the adults in America and three-fourths of teens believe angels exist. Revelation 5:1-14 WHAT DO THE ANGELS DO? Angels are God’s messengers. Luke 1:26-28 Judges 6:11-12 Angels protect people. Psalm 34:7 II …

Why Keep Asking?
Preached: July 18, 2021

Why Keep Asking? Luke 18:1-8 Pastor Terry Wilcox Jesus clearly states his purpose for the story. (Luke 18:1) TWO CHARACTERS A corrupt judge. He was not Jewish. Luke 18:2 Luke 18:5 A widow. The Pharisee’s daily prayer indicates the plight of women in the first century. Luke 18:3 – She is persistent. …