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How to Live a Christlike Life!
January 29, 2023

What Is Your Number One Priority? Pastor Joel Rissinger Philippians 2:5-11 Galatians 2:20 BIG IDEA: If we do the four things Jesus did when he became one of us, we will succeed as Christians! In brief, this means we must think, give, serve, and obey like Jesus. Learn to think humbly – don’t chase or …

How God Defines Success
January 15, 2023

How God Defines Success Pastor Terry Wilcox Numbers 20:6-12 God’s faithfulness is well-established! But what of our faithfulness to him? Numbers 20:6-12 The first emphasis is God’s amazing grace to Moses and the Israelites. The second emphasis is that we cannot be complacent or casual about God’s gr …

Where Should We Start
January 1, 2023

Where Should We Start? Pastor Terry Wilcox Genesis 1:1-2 Our world is suffering the “religion” written about in “The Humanist Manifesto I” of 1933 and “The Humanist Manifesto II” of 1976 Today science is accepted as the gospel and the Bible is regarded as an ancient irrelevance. God is not at odds w …