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Those Forgiven Much, Love Much
November 20, 2022

Those Forgiven Much, Love Much Pastor Terry Wilcox Luke 7:41-43 Review context Luke 7:36-50 The woman’s actions were considered outrageous. Luke 7:47 TPT Romans 3:22-24 Jeremiah 17:9 Mark 7:20-22 Three Take-Aways Gratitude is the great motivator of love. James 1:17 Luke 7:42-43 Simon’s basic problem …

But Lord, That’s Not Fair!
November 13, 2022

But Lord, That’s Not Fair! Pastor Terry Wilcox Matthew 20:1-15 This parable follows Peter’s question in Matthew 19:27 A “worldview” cries not fair. A “Kingdom view” sees that the benefits of the Kingdom of God are the same for all who embrace the generosity of the King. This parable addresses Peter’ …

Parable of the Sower
November 6, 2022

Parable of the Sower Pastor Terry Wilcox Matthew 13:1-23 Does God Talk to You? “God whispers in my delights, speaks in my problems, and shouts in my perplexities.” One truth is clear – God intends that His communications be expressed in my character and my actions. To understand parables – note the …